Speakers list for the #CSEE2013

Only a week left until CSEE2013 kicks off here at UBC-Okanagan expecting 435 scientists from all over Canada (and some Americans). Since the schedule is out now, here’s a list of the talks during the plant microbiome symposia that I will not miss during the conference.

CSEE May 14th – The Plant Microbiome speakers:

8:30 AM Plant health and the soil microbiome Jorge M. Vivanco

Presenter: Jorge M. Vivanco – Colorado State University

9:00 AM Flower microbiomes: An unexpected reservoir of microbial diversity Ashley

Shade, Patricia McManus, Jo Handelsman

Presenter: Ashley Shade – Yale University

9:30 AM Linking microbial community assembly with host plant traits and function in a

neotropical forest Steven Kembel

Presenter: Steven Kembel – UQAM

10:30 AM Exploring the maize rhizosphere microbiome in the field: A glimpse into a highly

complex system Jason A. Peiffer

Presenter: Jason A. Peiffer – North Carolina State University

11:00 AM Host plant genetic variation alters the communities of three types of plant-fungal

symbionts: Causes and consequences Catherine Gehring, Louis Lamit, Jennifer

Schweitzer, Baoming Ji, Nicole Hergott, Thomas Whitham

Presenter: Catherine Gehring – Northern Arizona University

11:30 AM Core functional mycobiomes and their plant host interactions in extreme

ecosystems Porras-Alfaro, Andrea, Hicks Sarah, Donald Natvig, Robert


Presenter: Andrea Porras-Alfaro – Western Illinois University

3:00 PM Extracellular enzyme activity in the mycorrhizosphere – is it important in niche

partitioning among ectomycorrhizal fungi? Melanie Jones

Presenter: Melanie Jones – University of British Columbia, Okanagan

3:30 PM Root microbiota dynamics over the long term: Long-lived perennials Miranda Hart

Presenter: Miranda Hart – University of British Columbia, Okanagan

Besides that, many of my fellow grad students here at UBC-O from our many microbial ecology labs will be presenting their work.

Lots to look forward to!


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