Aleklett K., Kiers E.T., Ohlsson P., Shimizu T.S., Caldas V.E.A., Hammer E.C. Build your own soil: exploring microfluidics to create microbial habitat structures, ISME journal,



Hart, Miranda; Aleklett, Kristin; Chagnon, Pierre-Luc; Egan, Cameron; Ghignone, Stefano; Helgason, Thorunn; Lekberg, Ylva; Öpik, Maarja; Pickles, Brian; Waller, Lauren (2015) Navigating the labyrinth: A guide to sequence-based, community ecology of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, New Phytologist,

Aleklett K., Leff J. W., Fierer N., Hart M. (2015) Wild plant species growing closely connected in a subalpine meadow host distinct root-associated bacterial communities. PeerJ 3:e804


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Aleklett K. and Wallander H. (2012) Effects of organic amendments with various nitrogen levels on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal growth. Journal of Applied Soil Ecology, 60: 71-76

Conference abstracts:


Microbial community formation and resilience in plant roots, The First Global Soil Biodiversity conference, December 2014, Dijon, France.

Is there a window of opportunity for microbial colonization in the root microbiota? Ecological Society of America (ESA) meeting, August 2014, Sacramento, USA

Individual variance in the root microbiota of wild plant populations,  Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution 2013, Kelowna, Canada.

Microbial fingerprints in the rhizosphere, 28th New Phytologist Symposium – Functions and ecology of the plant microbiome, 2012, Rhodes, Greece:

How do organic materials with different nitrogen content affect mycorrhizal colonisation? Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution 2011, Banff, Canada.

Other publications:

Popular science summary of my master’s work in Swedish.



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